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Rushlight Awards Winner 2014-2015


The Rushlight Awards focus on the technology and innovation achievements of UK and Irish organizations in the journey to develop new technologies and implement innovative new science.

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Two New Laboratory Appointments


Azotic Technologies, the developer and producer of natural Nitrogen-fixation for increased agronomic benefit, has appointed two scientists, Dr Dhaval Patel and Dr Inmaculada del Castillo, to boost its research and development capability headquartered at BioCity, Nottingham.

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Blue Sky Rice


Nature Magazine article on Agribiotechnology: Blue Sky Rice.

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Nitrogen Fixation Trials


Press Release - 23 October 2014

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New Laboratory Appointments


Press Release - 1 June 2014

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Field Trials Results


Azotic Technologies and the University of Nottingham have collaborated on the first batch of field trials which have generated very positive results.

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The Greener Revolution –


A new nitrogen-fixing technology has been developed which will help transform agriculture.  This patented technology enables all crops to take up nitrogen from the atmosphere rather than from expensive and potentially environmentally damaging nitrogen based fertilisers.

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Nitrogen Pollution


The current level of nitrogen fertiliser over use cannot continue.

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Food Security


According to Professor Sir John Beddington, former Chief Scientific Adviser to HM government, food security is a major challenge confronting global agriculture.

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